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Why jdaapproved.com?

Till today, Real Estate business is in an unorganized manner! Builders and colonizers are continuously trying to grow ahead, through making novel innovations in the industry. But, unorganized real estate advisors and customers were needed to be brought together on a platform, till now. To strengthen this attempt, jdaapproved.com has been founded.

What’s Special about JDA Approved?

It’s a name of TRUST. Whenever builders / colonizers / real estate investors / customers think about making investments in Jaipur, ‘JDA Approved’ comes, as the symbol of trust ! Builders to promote their projects, colonizers to sell plots, real estate investors to convert the land deal into reliable deal, all use one word thoroughly - JDA Approved. That’s why, jdaapproved.com works well in order to empower these two words !

What does jdaapproved.com do?

Exclusively, it’s Online Market of Real Estate of the city of Jaipur. It helps the customer to connect with the builder / colonizer straight, to make the JDA approved plot buyers and sellers meet, and to get good property deals done. Balancing the Demand and Supply in the business, jdaapproved.com makes good investors meet the land owners and provides great opportunities to the interested buyers.

Which are the services, provided by jdaapproved.com?

Jdaapproved.com is exclusive portal of Proppo Services LLP. Proppo Services is a Jaipur based Wealth Management Company, which avails ‘Expert Advices’ regarding home loans, mortgage loans, real estate law and tax etc. Basically, it’s a leading company of varied subject’s experts, which provides services through expert advices in financial matters. 

I want to buy a house. What should I do?

According to your requirements / needs, choose the property by clicking on the ‘Search’ button on jdaapproved.com. If you like the property, call on the given Number. Our executives would help you by offering you better deals and services, to buy the property.

I’m a common man, want to buy a house ! What’s my benefit from jdaapproved.com?

We help you, by making you choose the best option for the house, according to your budget, preferences, facilities and needs ! We make you get rid of the troubles; you go through while searching for house in colonies, and contacting builders. We do the listing of merely selected and verified properties on jdaapproved.com. We have several parameters, and the properties which pass those, get placed on the website. These parameters would be definitely beneficial for our customers to own good properties. Choosing a property, through jdaapproved.com would save you from wasting time and money. 

What’s there in jdaapproved.com, which other Real Estate websites don’t have?

We exclusively work for Jaipur. There’s a QR Code for every property, which is altogether a novel thing to be done, for the first time in Real Estate industry. Our parameters for listing properties are difficult to reach, so that solely quality based services are provided. Here, merely paying the Fee won’t make the property listed on the website, but after checking the documents, projects passing the government / non – government parameters, proving profitable for customers are essential aspects as well.

I want to take Home Loan. What should I do?

Call jdaapproved.com. Our executives would assist you in the best manner, to take Home Loans.

I want to get the property registered, but not aware of the entire legal procedure! What should I do?

Not only registry, but jdaapproved.com has a panel of expertise regarding legal matters, or to seek advices by Chartered Accountants. Call on our Call Centre, and register your needs! Our team would assist you in the best manner.

What does ‘QR Code of a property’ mean?

QR Code is a technique. This Code includes all the details concerned. It’s been applied in developed countries for long years, but in the Real Estate industry of India, its entire new! When you send picture, print or screenshot of this QR Code to your relative / acquaintance, he / she would scan it through QR Code Scanner Mobile App, all the pictures and information would be sent to the person instantly.  It’s a fast medium to share the information about the properties.


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